Since its inception in 1992, despite emerging trends Ritzwell has continued to protect the careful process of creating handmade furniture by Japanese craftsmen, seeks to create furniture that enriches people’s hearts and accompanies them throughout their their lives.
Technology and craftsmanship coexist at Ritzwell: technology ensures the best production methods methods and durable products, while the handcrafted finishes are an expression of the craftsmanship of the craftsmanship found in couture workshops. As a result, the brand’s of the brand continues to grow among architects and interior designers, not least because of the wide range of high-end projects for private residences and commercial spaces. Ritzwell makes furniture with inspiration from Japanese culture. The feelings toward furniture over time, making each piece unique to the individual, and it is this recognition that it is this recognition that drives Ritzwell to invert heart and savoir-faire into each of its masterpieces. Each Ritzwell design is born out of the gentle flow of time in our daily lives. Ritzwell breathes the essence of warmth in our furniture, combining quality materials with
delicate craftsmanship. It is not mass production but the creation of art to become part of your everyday life, your daily life.
Furniture with subtle aesthetics, but undeniably with an expressive presence. Just like like music or art, the goal is to make pieces that become part of your everyday life, going beyond the artificial boundaries of culture and custom to bring peace and tranquility to people.
Designers Shinsaku Miyamoto and Atelier D.Q. have always allied style research with materials materials research, which are indispensable in excellent products. Ritzwell’s main of Ritzwell is to spread the aesthetic concept of beauty according to Japanese tradition, and deliver a perfect example of design that is all about simple harmony, pure balance, and unmistakable style.

Marcel Chair- Design Shinsaku Miyamoto

This unique design was made with the most modern woodworking technology combined with the knowledge and experience of designers who really understand wood and understand wood and its characteristics. The natural feel of basic walnut is is preserved, enhancing the warmth of the wood, and the the beautiful line from the back legs to the back surrounds those who sit on it with a soft elegance.