La Ricarda

Last October we returned to La Ricarda for the fourth year. What in 2015 was an initiation experience and in 2016 a reunion, now on this occasion has become a kind of pilgrimage. The generous hospitality of the Gomis-Bertrand family once again allowed the magic of this extraordinary house, a paradigm of modern architecture that respects its surroundings, the delta of the Llobregat river, to once again be the stage for meetings between distributors and customers from the bulthaup Iberia community.

The transparent building, open to an environment of stone pines and lagoons inhabited by coots and herons, lulled by the sound of the breeze that shakes the treetops and the gentle crash of the waves of a nearby sea, is a place where you want to stay. As in a zen garden, you can experience the passage of time and the gradual changes of light and shadow on the way to twilight.

Despite the gray post-war years, La Ricarda responded to the spirit of a young world full of hope. A house that, realizing that beloved idea of ​​modern architecture of creating spaces that improve people’s lives, was designed to be inhabited by the voices of children and the music of their owners. A house in which every detail was thought out and executed with rigor and care, in an exercise of rationality based on the principle that beauty results from function.
Invitation to Contemplation

It’s an autumn day that, despite the forebodings of the weather, is warm and sunny. Once again, the architect Arturo Frediani and Marita Gomis, daughter of the first owners, illustrate us from two different perspectives, technical and experiential, the rooms we pass through: the living room, the dining room, the children’s wing, the pavilion, only connected to the rest of the house by a recently restored communication gallery. Each corner holds a surprise, an unusual perspective, an invitation to contemplation.
Enjoy in Community

To culminate this meeting in such a memorable environment, once the visit is over, the guests meet in the garden where, once again, chef Jordi Vilà has prepared an exciting gastronomic experience for us. Guests relax, have lunch and stroll through the garden where the sun shines; hats appear. It’s time for reunions, relaxed conversations, exclamations of approval to the flavours that Jordi discovers for us.
The Jordi Vila’s Flavours

Behind the guests, a long table unfolds, with its pale tablecloth and its folding chairs. The wines invite complicity and informal conversation while waiting for the meal. And once again Jordi Vilà does not disappoint.
Grass Mats

At the table, toasts follow one another and the diners show with laughter that the meeting is being a complete success. Without realising it, the afternoon was gone. The sun begins to set behind the pine trees and the twilight atmosphere invites us to meditate. It’s time for the last photos, enthusiastic congratulations to the chef and farewells. Once again La Ricarda with her magic managed the miracle of making us forget our worries to share an absolute gift made of beauty and joy.
See you at the next event!